Currently available in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma

High Bar Land Company, a full-service land and imaging services organization, was founded on the idea of doing it better.

When we talked to our land clients, the feature they wanted most, was access to their data.  To create this new level of access we utilize two different platforms.  The first platform is the more traditional of the two and is a secure virtual data room which provides access to all of the completed work that is ready for integration into your land management and accounting systems.  The second platform offers a secure, real-time interface to the work in the field as it is happening.  This platform provides an integrated GIS interface that is connected to the title, contracts, reports, and an up-to-the-minute status of the operations.  In fact, it is the same interface we use to manage your projects and maximize productivity while minimizing errors.  Both platforms will be available to you 24/7 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

For our imaging clients, the biggest issue was delivery time and quality. To meet this need, we have reduced our response time, making most of our digital images available through a secure portal within one to five days of capture. Using the latest digital equipment, we offer more efficiency and a higher quality image than our competitors.

If you’re involved in mergers and acquisitions, we offer a complete solution for the digitization and organization of existing documents and maps, which will expedite your due diligence process and reduce the costs to your clients.

High Bar Land Company is doing it better!



Support preliminary pipeline route selection with mapping information, assessment information, and landowner contacts

Identify landowners, highways, roads, waterways, etc. which the proposed pipeline will cross, map location of tracts and build project line list to associate with plats

Negotiate and secure survey permission to facilitate route selection

Determine ownership of tracts affected by proposed pipeline, along with preparation of limited title reports. Determine third party encumbrances affecting the proposed pipeline route

Provide all pipeline right-of-way acquisition services, including negotiation, execution, and recording of documents

Negotiate and acquire third party pipeline permits/crossing agreements

Obtain pipeline permits from governmental agencies, municipalities, for the construction of pipelines, within their jurisdiction

Identify and negotiate surface owner and tenant damages



Review of the sellers' in-house lease files, division order files, unit designations, title opinions, agreements and contract files

Review of the seller’s well files regarding continuous production, production imbalances, joint interest billing statements and suspended interests

Analysis of all pertinent provisions of joint operating agreements, maintenance of uniform interests, consents to assign and preferential rights to purchase

Analysis of farm out agreements and facility lease agreements

Examination of public records regarding lawsuits, liens, unpaid ad valorem taxes and other encumbrances

Examination of Easements, Rights of Way and Surface Use Agreements



Calculation of net revenue interests and working interests at a lease, unit or prospect level



Digital and photographic scanning of physical documents and records

Pre and Post processing of scanned images

Delivery of images via secure hard drive or online storage



Project managers utilize PMI principles throughout the project life including: Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring and Controlling and Closing phases



GIS mapping combining client provided information, government agency and third party data and courthouse research

Ability to generate custom maps quickly and efficiently

24/7 access to your confidential maps, reports and databases via our secured web site